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Corn Processing

Corn Processing Line

Huatai corn processing line adopts the most advanced dry milling methods to process corn into corn/maize flour, grim, germs with high efficiency and low consumption.

30T-2000T/D Super fine corn flour milling machine ensures full automatic and dry milling of corns into maize flour with high output rate and reasonable price.

30T/D-2000T/D maize flour and grit milling machine adopts dry milling method, allows high capacity corn/maize flour, grit milling and low damage of seeds and kernels during grinding.

30T-2000T/D maize flour (grits, germ) milling machine combines multiple functions of maize flour milling, corn germ grinding and germ extraction, realizing fully utilization of corn in food industry.

50-300D/T Corn germ extraction and corn flour milling production line allows double production of both corn germ and corn/maize flour simultaneously. Integrating advanced dry milling processing with high efficiency germ extraction to obtain high purity corn flour and corn germ.

2T-30T/D corn golden rice production line enables high nutrition corn golden rice making with scientific design, automatic operation, perfect extruding and shaping technology and good taste.

10-100T/D defatted corn germ flour making fructose syrup creates technical breakthrough of corn deep processing of fructose syrup and malt syrup from low fat maize flour. It provide substitute of sugar in food processing.