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Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup


Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup


Type: high fructose syrup processing from drying milling low fat corn/maize flour

Processing material: defatted maize/corn flour

Capacity: 10-100T/D

Application: Innovative processing of fructose syrup from defatted maize flour

Huatai fructose syrup making from defatted corn flour technology adopts the most advanced deep processing from corn/maize flour defatted, size mixing, saccharification, neutralization, decolorization, filtration, resin treatment, evaporation, and isomerization until obtain high purity glucose and fructose. This unique fructose syrup technology ensures perfect separation from low fat maize flour and obtaining of substitute of sucrose.


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