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TQSF Series Gravity Destoner


TQSF Series Gravity Destoner


High efficiency TQSF series gravity destoner is energy saving and efficient corn cleaning equipment. It is applicable for cleaning sand, mud, brick geometric impurities in rice, grain. It is an ideal stone cleaning equipment in corn milling processing line.

TQSF series gravity destoner provides the most efficient cleaning of processing materials in corn milling process. Employed by advanced technology of reverse cleaning theory, it fulfills the most efficient removal of high-density material, low-density impurities out from corn or grains. This specific gravity destoner is an ideal choice for stoner cleaning in corn deep processing plant.Featured characteristics of TQSF series gravity destoner:

● Integrating sifting, grading, destoner and wind separation together to achieve dual result of material grading and destoner. TQSF series gravity destoner utilizes combined effects of stone screening and airflow to grade stoner. It is applicable for cleaning up impurities, destoner etc.

● Reasonable structure, small size, light weight, convenient process layout and easy operation.

● High production efficiency, good grading and destoner result, simple and flexible adjustment.

● Fully enclosed structure, no dust, low noise, safe and health.

● Great gravity destoner widely applicable in flour milling, corn or rice milling process, and oil plant.


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