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The rapid development of economic globalization and increasingly competitive international market have accelerated Henan Huatai Food & Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd to concentrate on further endurance development strategy, carry out reform and innovation actively, and develop the latest oil machine technology constantly.

We have made great changes from traditional single overseas business model, continuously introduce and develop complex talent in order to expand overseas business, and finally achieve wider range of cooperation with international market and join in market rapidly.

On basis of continuous technological and scientific innovation, large scale complete set of oil machines, oil pretreatment machines, oil extraction machine, oil refining machines, biodiesel equipments, palm oil processing lines, Corn and Grains processing machines, protein isolate machines, grain conveyors have created constant improvement, and earned high reputation and praise worldwide.

New century means new challenges. Standing in queue of high end oil machine engineering enterprise, Huatai pays the highest attention to technical communication and cooperation with world’s major oil machines’ manufacturers. Huatai are focusing on manufacturing mature products meeting market demands, and complete service system in order to expand worldwide market. Huatai Company equipping with full range of oil machines production chain, creates more than 1,000 million dollars annual sales amount. We are adhering to the goal of safety, high efficiency, hominine, globalization, and standing on leading position of the latest production technology and process of world grain and oil industry.

Huatai Company is focusing on global market as development strategy, and developed wide market in Boolean Ross State, Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Zambia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries and regions, and established agency of palm oil refining project in Indonesia. We have developed into the first largest complete set of oil machines supply in Asia, manufacturing and sales base of world’s leading oil machines.

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