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Molecular Distillation Rice Bran Oil Refining


Molecular Distillation Rice Bran Oil Refining


Type: short distance molecular distillation rice bran oil refining technology

Capacity: 20-600T/D

Processing Material: rice bran oil with high FFA

Major equipment: degumming tank, centrifuge, heat conducting oil boiler, decolorization tower, deodorization tower, vacuum pump, air compressor, air press, steam generator

Application: intermittent/continuous rice bran oil refining through short distance molecular distillation technology

Huatai food&oil machinery patent products(CN 103320220 A) first class rice bran oil refining with molecular distillation method adopts liquid-liquid separation technology, mainly used for the acid value and color of rice bran oil. It effectively solves the existing problems of smelting energy consumption, high cost, and serious environment pollution in rice bran oil refining process. This technical innovated rice bran oil refining technology is featured by high oil yield, low pollution, and high quality and purity rice bran oil. Rice bran oil molecular distillation first class refining method introduction:


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