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Corn Germ Pretreatment and Oil Pressing Machine


Corn Germ Pretreatment and Oil Pressing Machine


Type: corn germ pretreatment, maize germ pretreatment, corn germ pressing

Processing material: corn germ, maize germ

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Major Equipment: vibrator, crusher, magnetic separator, softening pot, flaking machine, steaming wok, screw pressing machine

Application: pretreatment of corn germ or maize germ, and pressing of corn germ oil

Huatai Food &Oil machinery owns rich experience in production line of corn germ oil pressing machine. This corn germ oil pressing machine adopts advanced crushing craft, automatic crude germ oil filter, and corrosion-resistant body material design to achieve high quality grade corn germ oil with low energy consumption and high efficiency. Corn germ oil obtains from corn germs by wet or dry method degermination through oil pressing and extraction. Huatai corn germ oil pretreatment and pressing machine adopts the most advanced automatic control system to realize corn germ oil production line working stable and automatically.


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