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Oilseeds Flaking Section


Oilseeds Flaking Section


Oilseeds flaking section utilizes mechanical action to press oilseeds into tablets or slice. Flaking can destroy tissue of oilseeds and creates favorable conditions for oilseeds steaming and roasting in oil pressing process. Oilseeds flaking make efficient separation of oil from oil pressing machine or oil extraction process.

The flaking section is the process of making oil pellets into slice by mechanical principle. It can destroy cell tissue of oil seed, and create favorable cooking conditions so that oil can be successfully separated when oil pressing or extraction.The flaking cakes requires thin, uniform surface, less powder, no reveal of oil. The embryo thickness for oil press machine is as below:Soybean: less than 0.3mmCottonseed: less than 0.4mmRapeseed: less than 0.35mmPeanuts: less than 0.5mm


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