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Grape Seed Oil Cold Solvent Extraction


Grape Seed Oil Cold Solvent Extraction


Grape seed oil content is 14% to 17%, containing large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, major in linoleic acid content up to 58% -76 %. Low temperature No. 4 solvent extraction can make high efficiency oil extraction from pressed grape seed oil cake.

Grape seed oil can be available through oil press and oil extraction. Oil press has weak oil yield, high impurity, and broken unsaturated fatty acid during high temperature extrusion process. Oilmachineworld designs no. 4 solvent grape seed oil extraction technology, totally new industrial technology, featured by low solvent boiling point, temperature and pressure gaseous, volatile. No. 4 Solvent grape oil extraction processing line introduction:Part 1 Grape seed oil process line: Grape seed – impurity – quenching and tempering – softening – flaking – low temperature extraction (low temperature bran) – crude grape seed oil – oil refinery – finished grade seed oilPart 2 grape seed pretreatment processGrade seed – conveying – impurity removal – softening – iron removal – flaking – drying – extraction plantGrape seed oil extraction instruction: Vibrating screen removes impurities of grape seed raw material, removes peel and other impurities clearly. Conveyor sends cleared material into softening pot, improves temperature to 65-80℃ after adding water, holding a certain time of about 15 minutes for further soften. Removes irons, sends to embryo flaking machine to get 0.3mm cake, keep 8% moisture, and sends flakes to grape seed oil extracting plant.No. solvent grape seed oil extraction process:Grape seed oil extraction is processed under 0.1-0.7mPa pressure and under room temperature. It realizes low temperature extraction of raw materials. Solvent in extracted meal and crude oil is completely removed under low temperature and vacuum condition. Solvent can be recycled use after liquefaction. Advantages of No. 4 Solvent Extraction of Grape seed oil:It can not only reduce cost of grape seed oil processing, but also create conditions for vegetable protein extraction for qualified grape seed oil materials.Simple method realizes low temperature desolventization, avoiding degeneration of plant protein.Low consumption of fuel, steam, no pollution.


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