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TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator


TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator


Type:self-cleaning bucket elevator for lower capacity material conveying

Processing Material:grains, powder, particles, oil, malt, feed elevating and conveying

Capacity: 50-1000T/H

Major parts: bucket elevator shell, tracing piece (conveyor), hoppers, driving pulley (head pulley), bend pulley (tail pulley), tensioning device, guide device, charging port (inlet port) and discharge port (outlet)

Applications: lower capacity TDTG self-cleaning bucket elevator applicable for conveying grains, feed, particle and powder, oil etc.

Huatai TDTG self-cleaning bucket elevator allows high efficiency and lower capacity vertical elevating of pellet or powder materials in grain, food, feed, and chemical industry etc. Employed by advance designs of driving pulley, plastic covered head pulley, round foundation structure, this bucket elevator conveyor fulfils reliable conveying of materials with low residual, strong stability, in work.

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