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MU Scraper Conveyor


MU Scraper Conveyor


Type: horizontal or inclined conveying of pallet or powder materials

Conveying material: granular and powder materials

Capacity: 50-1500T/H

Major equipment: scraper chain, machine shell, sprocket, protection device, drive, tension device

Applications: specially designed en masse conveyor with 15° angle applicable for various powder material conveying

MU scraper conveyor provides high efficient horizontal or inclined conveying of powder, granular material and small size materials. It is widely applicable in feed plant, wheat powder, rice, oil and grease plant, port and other industries etc. Featured characteristics of MU scraper conveyor:

● Simple structure and flexible configuration. MS scraper chain conveyor allows multiple points feeding and discharging, which is applicable for various conveying of materials.

● U shape channel section enables perfect self-cleaning result. High strength wear-resistant material made conveyor blade with semicircular shape, similar to “U” shape channel section. This design reduces material residual inside scraper conveyor.

● Bush roller chain design. This unique designed conveyor chain enables low transmission power loss, flexible operation, and energy saving effect.

● High wear resistant layer on conveyor blade. Super wear-resistant polymer material of scraper avoids direct friction between conveyor and scraper shell, reduces operating noise, and extend serving lifetime of MU scraper conveyor.

● Synchronic displacements of motor seat and conveyor head axis. It enables convenient adjustment of chain tension of scraper conveyor.

● Multi safety device assure reliable operation. MU scraper conveyor configures with maintenance gate, viewing window, dust proof exhaust opening, blockage monitoring, axis temperature detection.

● Good appearance and high elevating capacity. The MU scraper conveyor owns long operating life, low energy consumption, and low material damage rate in all kinds of application fields.

● Functional conveyor with multiple applications. MU en masse conveyor is widely applicable in a variety size feed plant, flour and rice plant, oil plant, grain storage, port etc.Standard of MU scraper conveyor:Material bulk density: γ=0.1-2.0t/m3Material temperature: ≤100°Conveying length: ≤40mHorizontal or inclined design: ( inclination angle0°≤α≤15°)Technical Parameters:


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