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Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup

Type: high fructose syrup processing from drying milling low fat corn/maize flour

Processing material: defatted maize/corn flour

Capacity: 10-100T/D

Application: Innovative processing of fructose syrup from defatted maize flour

Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup

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  • Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup
  • Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup
  • Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup
  • Defatted Corn Flour Making Fructose Syrup


Huatai fructose syrup making from defatted corn flour technology adopts the most advanced deep processing from corn/maize flour defatted, size mixing, saccharification, neutralization, decolorization, filtration, resin treatment, evaporation, and isomerization until obtain high purity glucose and fructose. This unique fructose syrup technology ensures perfect separation from low fat maize flour and obtaining of substitute of sucrose.

Defatted corn/maize flour converted fructose syrup introduction:

Fructose syrup (glucose and fructose) is a kind of starch sugar formed by plant starch hydrolysis and isomerism, which is an important sweetener available with low cost, simple equipment, no limitation of area and seasons.

Process flow of fructose syrup from defatted corn flour:

● Defatted maize flour size mixing. Insert water into size mixing kettle, add defatted maize flour under stirring, continuously add water to get 40% concentration starch milk, and finally add hydrochloric acid to adjust PH value of 1.8.

● Saccharification. Acidproof pump sends mixed starch milk into saccharification pot, and improve steam valve until 2.8kg/㎡ with 3-5min endurance. Inspect glycation end by 20% iodine, and add material for neutralization in case saccharification liquid shows red while meeting iodine.

● Liquid neutralization. Saccharified liquid enters into neutralization bucket, add carbon as filter aid while beginning stirring, neutralizes with 10% sodium carbonate solution. Open discharge valve and send liquid into filter when PH value reaches 4.6-4.8, and cool the filtered clear sugar solution to 60 ℃.

● Decolorization. Put clear sugar into decolorizing barrel, plus activated carbon for decolorization no less than 5min, filter liquid and store in storage bin.

● Resin exchange. Send the decolorized and filtrated clear liquid to ion exchange bed for desalination, purification and decoloration. The liquid PH value reaches 3.8-4.2.

● Evaporation. The adjusted PH value sugar liquid is sent to evaporation tank with high vacuum of 500mm HG. Heating steam pressure is less than 1kg/㎡ and discharge fructose syrup while super concentration reaching 42%-50%.

● Isomerization. Get solid phase into reflector with controllable temperature of 65℃, refined fructose syrup begins isomerization with features of short time, rapid reaction, low side reaction of sugar decomposition and easy refining. The isomerase size decides the PH value of fructose syrup.

● Secondary decolorization. The colored sugar substance after isomerization reaction and ash impurities are decolorized in bucket through fresh activated carbon.

● Secondary resin exchange. Adjust fructose syrup liquid PH value to 4.0-4.5 by hydrochloric acid.

● Evaporation concentration. The fructose syrup is obtained after evaporation to desired concentration by vacuum evaporation. Control fructose syrup concentration in 70%-75% (dry matter concentration) so as to prevent crystallization during storage.

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