National Invention Patent : Rice Bran Pretreatment and Rice Bran Oil Extraction Processing Line
Patent No.: 200720092291
Introduction: Huatai advanced technology of rice bran pretreatment and rice bran oil extraction processing line, including rice bran screener, softening kettle, rice bran extruder, dryer, extraction machine and solvent removal machine.

Designs of rice bran expansion and rice bran extracting technology:
Bucket elevator connects feeding device, bran separating screener, softening kettle and expansion machine.
Belt conveyor connects expansion machine and drying machine.
Bucket elevator and storage tank connects with drying machine and extracting machine.
En masse conveyor connects extraction machine and desolvent machine.
Scrapper conveyor connects desolvent machine and product warehouse.
Evaporator, Extractor, Desolvent machine, Stripper are connected with condenser.

Advantages of new type rice bran expansion pretreatment and oil extraction processing line:
Feeding device ensures subsequent feeding of rice bran meal evenly. It makes the following formal extraction achieving production standard.
Energy saving Exhaust gas recovery device connects with condenser. It greatly reduces solvent content in exhaust gas, and ensures the lowest consumption indicator of solvent during rice bran oil extracting process.