Patent Name: Molecular Distillation Rice Bran Oil Refining Method
Patent number: CN 201310307438
Introduction: Molecular distillation rice bran oil refining method solves problems of high energy consumption, high refining consumption, high cost and environmental pollution existing in current rice bran oil refining technology.

Introduction of molecular rice bran oil refining technology:

● Absorptive degumming. 1) Heat crude rice bran oil until 60-85°C; 2) add 5-7% Calcium chloride solution for mixing with rice bran within 30 minutes; 3) heat mixture until 100-120°C; 4) add 0.1-0.5% diatomaceous earth by weight of crude rice bran oil and mix 30 minutes; 5) cool mixture until 50°C with 2V/min speed; 6) cool it to 35°C by chilled water with 0.5°C /min speed, and cool it until 20°C with 0.5°C /min speed; 7) Filter glue inside crude rice bran oil, and silicon diatomaceous earth can be secondary use.
● Degassing and deacidification. Rice bran oil enters into high vacuum (50-100Pa) degassing tower while oil temperature reaches 100-120°C. The degassed rice bran oil enters into 10-50Pa high efficiency deacidification column to reduce acid value until 2-5mgKOH/g.
● Decolorization. Rice bran oil begins decolorization by high efficient condenser cooling to 145-175°C. Decolorized rice bran oil enters into molecular distillation at 195-250°C, where light component is pumped into condensing system by high vacuum 5-30Pa, and flows into collection tank. Heavy component is separated and flows into heavy component collection tank.
● Distillation. Heavy component is heated to 240-260°C in collection tank by high efficiency heater. Evaporation temperature is 300-320°C, light component is pumped into condensing system by 0.1-10Pa high vacuum, flows into light component collection tank, and then pumped into fatty acid tank. Heavy component of rice bran oil is separated and flows into heavy component collection tank.
● Fractionation. Light component enters into crystallizer while cooling to 40-70°C. Cool it to 20°C at 1°C/min speed, 10°C by chilled water at 0.4°C /min, 0-5°C at 0.2°C/min. First grade rice bran oil and stearin are obtained by frame filtration filtering. Stearin enters stearin tank.

Advantages of molecular distillation rice bran oil refining technology:

● Simple rice bran oil refining process. One time low temperature dephosphorization and dewaxing to achieve complete wax removal, low phosphor of 5-20ppm.
● Low loss, small sewage, and high nutritional value. No alkaline deacidification reduces difficult of water treatment and environmental pollution, and increases content of oryzanol in rice bran oil.
● High oil yield and low production cost. Rice bran oil refining adopts one time dephosphorizing and dewaxing, which reduces the cost for alkaline deacidification and gains high yield of rice bran oil.
● No trans fatty acids in rice oil production. Molecular distillation is characterized by short time high temperature exposure, passivation of reaction time of producing trans fatty acids in rice bran, and avoiding production of trans fatty acids. This molecular rice bran refining process assures high oil yield, no additives addition, no waste water discharge, and high nutrition value retention.

The innovative patent rice bran oil refining processing line is widely applicable in crude rice bran oil refining continuously. It can obtain good economic and social benefits.