Patent name: Fish Oil Extraction Processing Line
Patent number: CN 201320067854
Introduction: This innovative chemical equipment of fish oil extraction from fishmeal adopts low temperature extraction technology to obtain high-level quality fish oil, and improves additional value of fishmeal.

Fish oil extraction from fishmeal introduction:

This innovative invention of fish oil extraction from fishmeal technology provides complete set of equipment applicable for low temperature fish oil extracting. It can solve the problems of high fish oil content in fishmeals, easy deterioration, and low protein content effectively.

Major equipments: Metering feeder, elevator, forming machine, belt conveyor

Designs of fish oil extracting plant:

● Metering feeder spout connects with first elevator inlet. The first elevator connects with first sealed weight-measure inlet through conditioner, second elevator, belt conveyor, low temperature dryer, en-masse scrapper, flat scrapper conveyor, first bend scrapper and storage bin.
● First sealed weight-measure spout connects with multi stage countercurrent extractor feed inlet. Low temperature desolventizing device material spout connects with scrapper inlet through solvent capturing agent. Fishmeal storage tank is equipped on low temperature desolventizing device. Multi stage extractor connects with condenser.

Advantages of fish oil extraction from fishmeal:

The scientific and reasonable combination of all fish oil extracting equipment is integrated by pipeline, realizes industrial mass production of fishmeal.
Less than 1% fish oil content in fishmeal solves the problems of easy deterioration of fishmeal and low protein efficiently.
New type fish oil extracting technology brings great economic and social benefit for users.