Patent name: Waste Vegetable Oil Making Biodiesel Technology
Patent number: CN 200610103440
Introduction: The innovative patent of vegetable oil making biodiesel technology provides industrial production of biodiesel with high reaction efficiency and no environmental pollution.

Designs of industrial treatment of waste oil for biodiesel making:

Heat methanol to 150°C ~ 180°C, and vegetable oil to 250°C ~ 380°C.
Inject mixture of heated methanol and vegetable oil at a molar ratio of 20:1~55:1 into pressure vessel. Reaction pressure is 10Mpa -14Mpa.
Keep above pressure stable in 20-35 min for esterification reaction.
Inject the material after esterification into large vessel, and separate material to get biodiesel. Waste vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil are applicable for above biodiesel processing.

Advantages of waste vegetable oil making biodiesel:

This is a type of supercritical state biodiesel making method with easy operation process. There is no addition of acidic or catalyst during esterification reaction, reduces secondary pollution, improves reaction efficiency. This waste oil making biodiesel technology is super applicable for industrial scale production of biodiesel.