Patent name: Biodiesel Making Production Line
Patent number: CN 200920089138
Introduction: Biodiesel making production line provides efficient, energy saving and environmental protective biodiesel production, fulfills fuel requirement and brings obvious economic and social benefits for users.

Design of Biodiesel making production line:

● Bio oil pretreatment. Heat raw bio oil containing solid impurities in raw material heating tank to 65-70°C, pump oil onto frame filter to remove impurity and put it into temporary storage tank.
● Dry section. Pump bio oil to vacuum drier under high vacuum vessel, heat 20-30 min continuously under 0. 085-0. 09Mpa vacuum and stir 30 min at 30-50r/min until moisture is nearly removed. Open circulating water, cool oil to 65r, and close cooling water for preparation of esterification reaction of biodiesel.
● Twice esterification reaction.
● Vacuum drying. Pump reaction material into vacuum boiler with 0. 085-0. 09Mpa, heat 30 min to achieve low moisture of less than 3%.
● Distillation. Vacuum pump sends vacuum dried oil into distillation kettle. Heat with 0. 085-0. 09Mpa vacuum to 220°C to evaporate biodiesel, condense to obtain liquid biodiesel and finally enters into finished oil storage tank.
● Methanol distillation. Pump methanol from methanol tank into distillation tower, control tower temperature of 60-70 ° C, condense distilled methanol and enter into methanol storage tank for recycle. Methanol purity is 98%±0. 5%.

Advantages of biodiesel production line:

This advanced invention of biodiesel production solves problems of efficient utilization of bio oil, including animal oil, vegetable oil and high acid value waste oil etc. It realizes the reuse of waste high acid oil at low cost, low equipment investment, and 85% high conversion.